We’re here to provide Holistic Veterinary care, and to empower you to take your pet’s healing into your own hands. Working together, we optimize your pet’s health and vitality, and support profound healing, increasing your pet’s happiness, well-being and longevity.


Dr Edward offers Integrative Veterinary Medicine Consultations, Holistic Pet Health + Vitality mentoring, Whole Energy Body Balance™ Neuro-fascial Bodywork and Energywork sessions, and a range of online trainings that empower you to take your pet’s health and wellbeing into your own two hands.  


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Hi, I’m Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte—The Healing Vet. 

My mission is to provide your pets with the best quality, most compassionate integrative veterinary care possible.

Animals have always been a large part of my life. I grew up on an extensive cattle property in North Queensland, Australia. And while I’m grateful to have grown up breaking in horses, running around the bush barefoot, splashing in the creek and puddles…

I didn’t always have the deep, beautiful, loving, healing relationship with animals that I do now. The truth is , I witnessed a lot of casual brutality towards all sorts of creatures before I became a veterinarian.

This stirred in me a desire to work with animals in a way where they’d begin to trust me and want to work with me, too.



Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

FREE Live Silent Pain Masterclass: Find Out If Your Pets Have Invisible Pain! ($249 VALUE).

53% of our furry companions are in silent pain. Learn how to find and treat it so your pets never have to suffer in silence again! This free live training includes… 

  • How to notice the subtle (and surprising!) signs of silent pain in your pets.
  • The most common cause of silent pain in pets (and why drugs only mask the problem).
  • Why you need to learn how to feel into your pet’s body with your hands to effectively find silent pain.

Plus, learn several skills from the Whole Energy Body Balance Method to help relieve silent pain in your pet… completely for free! 

Including how to trigger a profoundly healing relaxation response in your pet’s body using the Somatic Relaxation Technique. Heals anxiety, trauma, and teaches animals how to be calm in stressful or over-stimulating situations.

“I did the silent pain masterclass last year and found it extremely useful in helping me identify the subtle signs of pain my dog was displaying which previously I had ignored. Thank you, Dr. Edward.” -Mandy Henderson