A Very Sore old Ridgeback


It was clear, cold, the sun sinking low – a lazy breeze wandering through my jacket and making me shiver. I\’d been in one of my favourite outdoor \’clinics\’ – a park next to the river in the Tweed. I\’d just titer tested two dogs, one little poodle, and a dachshund; one only a year or so old who\’d had only his puppy vaccinations, and one who\’d been vaccinated regularly for 1 years. It was no surprise to find that they both had high levels of antibodies and didn\’t need to be re-vaccinated at all!
As I finished up, my next client rolled into the car park- a lovely old Rhodesian Ridgeback lady who I\’d seen three times before with severe body pain, mostly due to arthritis. We\’d put her on some supplements to help, and I\’d given her Whole Energy Body Balance sessions as well. The last time I\’d seen her, a week ago, she was really, really sore, growling at me even with very light touch and release. She\’d been out of sorts, tense, unhappy. I could see a real difference in her as she walked about today though – she seemed to have more spring, and to have a happier, brighter look about her.
\”How\’s she been since last week?\” I asked.
\”Much better,\” her mum told me, with a smile. \”We went out for a big walk yesterday, and she played a lot, for much longer than she has been, and even after that she seems much freer and happier today.\”
\”And the groaning?\” (She\’d been groaning in pain at night, and when getting up and down.)
\”Hmmm,\” she thought for a moment. \”No, that\’s a lot better too.\”
\”Ok, let\’s get a jumper on her, and I\’ll get my little stool set up to sit on, and I\’ll have a feel and see how things are going.\”
She was much happier about me touching her than the last visit. A little reactive and sore through her rib cage, but most of the awful pain and tension from last week was gone. I worked a lot around the top of her neck, and the feel of her Atlanto Occipital joint slowly shifted from very stiff and rigid, with minimal give and practically no spring, to a more bouncy, fluid, healthy feel. Then I moved to her sacrum; it was amazing to suddenly feel that area \’let go\’ and move freely after a while of holding, gently rocking, and flowing healing energy through my hands. Then I worked all along her spine and rib cage, seeking out holding points of tension and pain, and gently dissolving them away with carefully applied pressure, motion, and healing energy. She relaxed more and more, eyes becoming heavy and sleepy, and eventually lay right down with her head on the ground, nose wrinkling busily at every new smell.
\”I think that\’s all we can do for today,\” I said, as I sat up and stretched, my back popping and cracking. \”Though I might need a massage now! She\’s so much better today it\’s just not funny. I think that\’s partly due to the supplements really starting to take effect, as she\’s been on them for a month now, and also from the WEBB sessions. It\’s great to see her looking so much happier and relaxed compared to last week.\”
\”Yes, she seems a lot more active, for sure. Should we see you again in two weeks?\”
\”I think that would be about right, yes…\”
I farewelled them and sat in my mobile office, dealing with the record keeping. The sky was alight with a blossoming sunset as I pulled out of the car park, and made my way home to chop wood and set the fire, cook dinner, and sit and watch my dog and the new kitten play crazy wrestling games on the mat.

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