The Healing Vet\’s Top Five Facebook Lives…

Here are the top five live videos from The Healing Vet – sit down and get informed on a range of holistic pet health issues that you really need to get up to speed on!


Your Pets Are At Your Mercythis video explains why you need to learn how to love and care for yourself as well as you care for your pets (and how doing this makes a huge difference in your pet\’s wellbeing).

Helping itchy dogs holistically – Itchy dogs are very common. The medical treatments often do more harm than good. I dig into holistic treatment options in this video.

Fleas, ticks, worming – What to do? – Paralysis ticks can be deadly. Fleas make your pet\’s life miserable. The common preventatives can injure or kill your pet. I explain my practical, holistic approach to parasite prevention in this video.

Titre testing is the way to go for your dogs – Did you know that the core (C3) vaccines give immunity that last for at least5-7 years. Often longer?  Vaccines can and do injure many, many pets every year. You should never give an unnecessary re-vaccination to your pets. Always titre test first!

The story of a dog who died from Vaccination injury –  This is a longer video, an interview with a pet guardian who had a dog die from vaccine injury. She was pressured to have vaccines after prior vaccination reactions by vets! Watch this video to really understand why you MUST titer before any re-vaccination. Otherwise, you are playing Russian roulette with your pet\’s life…

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  1. Easier said than done. We have laws mandating Rabies Vaccination every 3 years. Local cities/towns mandate licensing & you need to have proof of their Rabies vaccination when registering/renewing the license. Titer is only acceptable if & for as long as the dog is sick & not able to get vaccinated.

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