The science of healing

Did you know that there is a growing body of scientific evidence that energy healing has a greater benefit than a placebo?

It\’s true. There are a good number of high grade, well constructed, (some that have been blinded and placebo-controlled) studies that show that energy healing can have real, tangible, measurable benefits.  

If you want to dig into the evidence, Daniel J. Benor, MD has written a series of in depth books where he has reviewed the scientific literature. Let\’s look at a few studies graded as I by M Benor (He graded studies from I-IV, I being an excellent study, including all the items required for a blinded, randomised, controlled study, with adequate reporting of data to confirm the results) . 

Wound Healing in Mice and Spiritual Healing – Bernard Grad

In this experiment, 48 mice were anaesthetised, and a piece of skin approximately 1/2 and inch by 1/2 an inch was removed. They were divided into three groups of 16: the first group received healing for 15m twice daily, the second group did not, and the third group had their cages heated to control for the possibility that the heat from the healer\’s hands may accelerate healing. After 14 days, the wounds of the group that received healing had healed significantly faster (High significance, p < .001)

This experiment was replicated with 300 mice, careful controls, random assignment to experimental and control groups, and blinds. Again, this higher grade study showed a significant increase in the rate of healing for the mice that received healing. M Benor rated this study as I. 

Arousing Aneasthetised Mice through Psychokinesis – Graham K. Watkins and Anita M Watkins

Twelve subjects (humans) were tested for their ability to cause mice to arouse more quickly from ether anaesthetic than normally would be expected. The experiment was run three times. The first time the mean sleep time for the control group was 32.63 seconds, and the experimental group was 28.72 seconds (modest significance p < .036). The second time the times were 27.9 and 21.54 seconds, and the third times were 30.14 and 24.91 seconds. The results fo the 2nd + 3rd trials were both highly significant p < .001 

Significant accelerations of recovery were demonstrated in this excellent study. This study was replicated with significant results, but the randomisation was done by casual distribution of the two groups (reducing the value of the study). 

There are multiple I graded studies showing a significant positive effect of energy healing on humans with a range of health issues in Daniel J. Benor\’s book, \”Spiritual Healing – Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution\”.

Energy Healing Works… But How?

This is where orthodox science gets a headache, chucks a wobbly, and starts screaming \”WOOOOOOOOOOOOO\” at the top of its voice. That\’s sad, because that\’s not good science. In fact, you could call it anti-science. Science tests and measures, finds effects or results that are significant (or not). We can often can only work out how many years later. 

The fact that energy healing can have a highly significant, measurable effect is obvious if you\’re willing to dig into the research. So it works. And it can\’t do any harm that I\’m aware of. 

This means that energy healing can be a valuable adjunctive therapy for all animals, with any kind of health conditions. Energy healing is a skill – and like with anything, you\’ll have some energy healers who are more skilled than others. 

I have seen energy healing help animals in my practice many times. Three cases that stand out are:

A little cat recovering from major abdominal surgery. She was in her cage, some time after having woken up from the anaesthetic, on a drip. She was flat and dull, and had that dying look about her. I did about 15 minutes of energy healing, and there was a very noticeable improvement in her demenour. She went from fading away to a healthy sleep and ended up recovering really well. Everyone in the clinic thought she was a goner. 

A dog who some people rescued- they had three other dogs, and this new dog kept jumping the fence and bolting. Multiple times a day over several days! I did a distant energy healing treatment, and the dog bonded with the family/pack and never ran away again. 

And more recently, an old Akita with severe autoimmune disease. Very unwell, so much so the owners were seriously considering euthenasia. I did one energy healing treatment, and the f=dog had an immediate 50% improvement in all symptoms. 

And I see animals visibly respond with physiological shifts (relaxation) often when I am working hands-off with energy healing techniques. Clients remark on this!

You can learn energy healing and help your pets!

It\’s a learnable skill, a beautiful way to understand and connect more deeply with your pets, and will have a beneficial effect on their wellbeing- physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

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Learning energy healing will be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself and your beautiful fur kids. Imagine being able to help your pet through the ups and downs of normal life and any health challenges with the gentle blessing and gift of energy healing. Wouldn\’t that be lovely?


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